SIOLCA, olive furniture

SIOLCA olive furniture was born in 2010 as a personal commitment by the artisan Lucas Bravo and the impulse of his son Benito Bravo. Lucas began learning this profession with the age of 11, being an apprentice to the centennial Cooperative of Carpenters, Cabinetmakers and similar of the Town dedicated to the manufacture of olive furniture.

Currently, his son Benito Bravo continues with this noble artisan tradition respecting the codes and manufacturing processes of the trade, adding new designs, finishes and combinations of materials more current with the current market.

Since its inception, SIOLCA olive furniture has stood out in the craft sector of castreño olive furniture for its search for innovation and for respecting the traditional values ​​of cabinetmaking that have made this noble trade a hallmark of our firm.

Among our after-sales services, we highlight a ten-year warranty on all masonry and furniture items, individualized customer service and appropriate to your preferences, non-binding budgets and orientation and design of your furniture.

Likewise and how could it be otherwise due to our culture, at SIOLCA olive furniture we respect the uniqueness and history that the olive tree has transmitted to us over the centuries.

In no case, the root tree is cut for the manufacture of chairs and furniture. In our company we supply the branches or trunks that are removed by pruning during the months of January and February.

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